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Service / product partners

SCA seeks to partner with various organisations brokering deals for the benefit of members. Our primary focus is to ensure our members are able to provide the best support/care service by having access to choice contractor services and products at lower costs. We are building a service partner list as our membership numbers rise each month. By way of purchase volume, we are always seeking significant discounts on various products and services with a track record of high quality standards and value for money. If you can demonstrate your service or product to be of high value or you have an impressive track record relevant to our member provider base, do let us know about it.

The usual service partners we work with include care/support sector consultants and experts who are skilled in registration for regulated services (CQC /OFSTED), service development specialists, recruitment companies, staff training centres and assessors, bid writers and tender managers, IT managers, software developers, and all other services/products that a UK based support /care operator requires to deliver high-quality services to the commissioning LA'S or private service users. We review the member use of each service or product too ensure it fits in with the needs of our subscribing members.

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