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Service / product partners terms & conditions


Service partners are expected to adhere to SCA standards of service. Partners/suppliers are expected to deliver their services professionally and to a high standard. SCA reserves the right to terminate or suspend the inclusion of a service /partner on it's list of associated services /products should there be evident poor standards of work or a products failure to meet operational expectations.


All agreed objectives should be met for members who require various services or product functions. This is represented in a service summary agreed with the member/customer. 


The cost of a service package is outlined through a partnership agreement. It is not permitted for partner services to discuss pricing with members unless otherwise pre-arranged or agreed upon. SCA will manage/ be responsible for the financial aspect of the transaction for services. SCA will make payment to service partners at the agreed periods during or at the end of the service delivery. Service partners are not permitted to invoice members/customers directly.


SCA takes customer feedback seriously with a view to improving the services or product choices we provide or promote. SCA will request feedback from members/customers on a regular basis. This may affect decisions to continue a service partnership with an approved supplier.


SCA is responsible for making payments in full to service partners regardless of late payments from customers/members. Service partners are not expected to make attempts or arrangements to retrieve late payments from members/customers.


Service partners are not permitted to lower package costs, in competition with the pre-arranged price negotiated by SCA for their customers/members.  Service partners are expected to maintain their original prices. SCA will charge their members/customers on a pay-as-you-go basis (in some cases). SCA reserves the right to cease services provided if customers/members default on payment. 


Service partners are not permitted to enter into private and separate negotiations to extend their services to members/customers. Prior permission is required from SCA. This includes canvassing a service to customers/members at a future date.


Service partners are expected to conduct themselves professionally when working with members /customers. SCA is responsible for providing outsourced services deemed competent and well-resourced to meet the needs of the members/customer. 


SCA will intervene in situations of a service dispute and make it a priority to ensure the member/customer's query is resolved to their satisfaction. SCA will conduct an internal investigation should a customer/member report an issue or query about the service received.


Service partners are expected to inform SCA within a reasonable period if they are unexpectedly unavailable. If a service has commenced, SCA will ensure it is completed by another approved service partner. In cases where this is not possible. A refund or credit arrangement will be organised by SCA.


SCA and its service partners will not be held accountable in terms of the commercial outcomes of the customer/member's business performance. 


SCA operates on a flexible contract with service providers. SCA reserves the right to reassign active services to alternative service partners should there be reasons for an inadequate service delivery or non -availability of the service partner.


SCA may also reassign a service to an alternative service partner in the event of unexpected non -availability or limited availability of a service provider in an active service provision.


Service partners are not permitted to extend a confirmed summary of services to member customers without prior consent from SCA management.

Service partners may not extend or entertain future services that SCA already offers through it’s other service partners or internally to current customer members. Where a customer/member requests an add-on or future service, SCA expects to be notified. service partners may extend such an additional service only if such a service is not on the list of current services to members. 

SCA does offer services to non-members - the rules of delivery also apply here. service partners can only respond to service requests that are outside of the list of current services. 

SCA May terminate the Service partnership in the event of a breach of these terms. The termination period will be decided by SCA management.

As a service partner  you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the term

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