Available to semi-independent living service providers


Forward-thinking care providers are increasingly seeing the benefits of this form of

self – assessment. It is an effective measure to ensure staff and management run their units professionally with compliance and high standards consistently practised. Our Quality Assurance (QA) process makes sure staff are up to speed with high-quality care and are completely familiar with the policies and procedures in terms of actual application to everyday care, as we conduct a proficiency test with all the staff.

The quality assurance process works to the same principles of an OFSTED  inspection visit.
It follows the Regulation 44 process for regulated children's homes (OFSTED) An  Independent inspector visits a home. It is the job of the Reg 44 Visitor to write a report that talks about how the home is being run. They have to check that the children are being kept safe and how well their well-being is being promoted


Our independent service partners are qualified and experienced in completing inspections and completing the grading reports. They will grade the outcome. This Is also what is required to qualify for the assured member status.
  provide a QA service that includes the following:


  • Inspection site visit: An annual inspection (every 12 months). This can take up to 2 hours and can be an announced or unannounced visit. The inspection can take place between 9 am - 8 pm. The process includes a minimum of 2 different home visits for providers running multiple homes.


  • Inspection Report: Following the site inspection, a full report will be provided within 5 working days. The report will identify areas of strength and those that need to be improved. The report will mainly focus on health and safety (fire, harmful hazards, etc); staff’s familiarity with service policies and procedures; cleanliness and hygiene standards of the unit; HR compliance. 


Members who achieve the 80% pass mark will be offered the SCA quality assured badge of standards and will immediately benefit as we will actively market and promote their services to commissioning authorities, thus increasing their chances to receive more placement packages. You will be included on the quality assured page which is a profile with a summary of your service resources that local authority service buyers can access when required. See service marketing


Please contact us for more information. 




Platinum and Gold - Free for 2 homes

Silver Members – £150 per home

Bronze Members - £200 per home

Start-ups - £300 per home

Non-Members - £400 per home

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