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Available to semi-independent living service providers

SCA currently offers expert bid writing to help providers win tenders suitable to the services they offer. We are currently on a 97% success rate and are able to offer bid writing for competitive or group-winning tenders. Aside from in-house bid writers, we are able to cater to a large number of service requests by working with experienced bid writer providers and sometimes complete tenders jointly where the contract involves a single winning company. We currently complete tenders for supported living services, CQC-regulated accommodation / personal care, and domiciliary services.SCA members are offered a highly discounted rate for these services .

Additional services through tenders

As consultants to care /support service providers we are able to advise on the improvement of policies content, compliance management, mode of practice, and quality assurance as we get acquainted with how the service is usually delivered by the provider while completing the tender. Taking on a provider's tender requires a full assessment of the provider's delivery style, accommodation, staff resources, and service experience which will determine our advice on what LOT to go for or if it is advisable to abandon the bid till the provider is able to deliver the service precisely to the commissioning local authorities service specifications.

SCA bid writing course - social care services
Our bid writing services are usually over-subscribed as we make efforts to provide the service to members and non-members within the UK. While we have partnered with other bid writing companies we are in need of growing our own team of experienced bid writers. We offer the bid writing course to individual learners who run their own provisions as well as individuals who are keen to train as professional bid writers as a major business or secondary income. 

Our 4-month course aims to fully train learners on how SIL, CQC regulated care services are run as a daily routine, the responsibilities, compliances, and best working practice. Once this is fully learned, we move on to how tenders are to be written, the shortcut steps to quick and concise responses, and how your library of response answers can be your content vault for future bid writing content.
(Charges: £3000 (Non - members / £1400 - members)

Added bonus
The bid writing course modules we offer are identical to that of the consultancy training course which requires similar knowledge to train individuals to consult to social care providers in areas such as start-ups, quality management, compliance management, service marketing, and reports management. You may wish to offer both services which are in high demand in a UK-wide market in excess of 800 plus providers offering regulated and unregulated care, support, and accommodation services. 

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