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Available to semi-independent living service providers

Due to the extensive experience we have working within care home settings, we are able to offer other care home operators an annual appraisal which will involve an objective analysis and evaluation of how your provider business has performed over the previous year and to better plan for the following year. 


Our approach is one that focuses on the following key areas:


Expense Management – this will involve an assessment of your operational costs wages, consultants, and any miscellaneous expenses.


Service marketing - Choosing when to apply for tender options, spot purchasing, networking, partnerships, consortiums, sourcing placement managers, and so on.


Operational Audit – we will conduct a deep dive analysis into the effectiveness and efficiency of your service delivery by evaluating the systems and processes you have in place. This includes checking the quality and process of reports generation


Staff Performance: We will concentrate mainly on your staff training, contracts, supervision, grievances and complaints, ROTA management, and so on.


We will carry out a site visit to speak to key staff, collate the necessary information and produce a detailed appraisal outlining what works well and what areas require further development. 



Platinum Members – 70% off

Gold Members – 50% off

Silver Members – 40% off

Bronze Members – 30% off

Non-Members - £2000

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