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SCA offers various services to member care service providers at significant discounts and bundle deals to help drive costs down and access services we have vetted for their value and standards. Some of these services are delivered by SCA member businesses as well as organisations who are on our list as preferred providers who offer savings through SCA group buying power. Do visit the member's benefits section to see these amazing offers.

Our members are also offered a platform to share best practice, form consortium arrangements, and share resources by way of mini - partnerships 

All our members will have access to our Advice and Guidance Helpline run by Semi-independent living, CQC regulated adult care, OFSTED regulated residential homes.

Member's Networking
Local authority speakers
Provider awards
Delightful food and drink
Light entertainment
Care provider competitions
Free consultancy
Spot purchase & tenders
Raising standards.

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SCA seeks to partner with various organisations brokering deals for the benefit of members. Our primary focus is to ensure our members are able to provide the best care service through access to choice people resources and products at lower costs. We strongly encourage networking, sharing best practice and collaborative partnerships.

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